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Dear Shofar So Great Partners, Friends and Family,

In case you missed it, here is a revised updated version of last week’s e-blast. Sixteen years ago I began a journey that has transitioned into a life’s work and calling to Israel. I am one of many who have and will come as prophesied in the Bible; that the twelve tribes who were scattered among the Nations will be regathered to restore the land for the final redemption.

In the past two weeks Beit Hogla and the Jordan River Valley have once again been swept onto the world stage and this week’s digital publication, Breaking Israel News, features the headline article above which sums up my calling better than had I written it myself. And, the world events focusing on this tiny area of this tiny nation…at an unprecedented accelerated pace…are the beginning of the core fulfillment of my life’s purpose:

“To possess the Land, not just any land, but the Land G~d gave the Jewish People as an everlasting covenant, to sound the Shofar prophetically to bring down the walls of Jericho and call the Children of Israel home!’

In the last five years, all of those things have been happening since my arrival to this most desolate lowest place in the universe at the top of the Dead Sea.

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This is a current photo of modern Beit Hogla, with it’s 600 fully producing olive trees, 200 pomegranate trees, date palm, fig and papaya. Eighteen years ago, Erna Covos, an Orthodox Jewish woman pioneer of Greek descent was forcibly expelled from Jericho’s Shalom Al Yisrael Synagogue by terrorists and fire. Erna, “The Lady of Jericho,” was evacuated by the IDF who assigned her this parched parcel of sand and rocks as a joke. Under the shadow of Mt. Nebo where Moses died, Erna has been the drive and inspiration that has caused the desert to bloom. This disputed territory of this “West Bank” area is wilderness desert, the biblical Gilgal, given by G~d to the Jewish people as an everlasting covenant.

Pioneers have come to Israel’s easternmost frontier to reclaim the land for G~d’s purposes and the Land has produced award winning caliber products from the seven species; however, we do not have the bandwidth of resources or personnel to take advantage of the potential. Most often the fruit remains on the trees as there is no one here to harvest it. Considering current world events, we now have a legitimate opportunity to expand this desert oasis for agriculture and habitation.

The area highlighted by red outline in this photo identifies the designated “Field of the Nations” at Beit Hogla. We are starting with 50 date palm trees adjacent to the field of 100 that was planted last year. I am sounding the ‘Clarion Call’ of the Shofar from the Gilgal to the Nations to receive G~d’s blessing and spiritual inheritance by supporting our mission. Most urgently needed is your financial participation and physical presence as volunteers to work the field that the Nation’s will have a stake in of their own.

Our fundraising provides opportunities for you to purchase the tree seedlings, fencing material, irrigation pipes, pumps, filters and accessories, wood chipper and an ATV. Then there is the water bill to sustain the plants. And as you, from the Nations, adopt, nurture and support this field, you can also serve Erna and the existing Moshav farm in the process.

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