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Ba’ahliyah!  Jacob Sheep restored to their Biblical Homeland!

Dear Shofar So Great Partners, Friends and Family,
I have recently been retained by Jenna Lewinsky, the owner of the Jacob Sheep Israel flock, to process the raw Jacob Sheep ram’s horns into biblically acceptable Kosher Shofarot (Shofars) to be used in the Beit HaMigdash, the Third Temple for when it is built. Since there are only roughly 3,500 of these ancient breed remaining alive worldwide and with their recent return to their biblical homeland, the value of these sheep and their horns has skyrocketed. In fact, the first one made into a Shofar was purchased for $10,000.00 USD. Currently, there are only a limited number of these ram’s horns available since they are only accessible upon the death of the individual ram. These animals are not slaughtered for their meat until the timing of HaShem with the rebuilding of the Beit HaMigdash.

Biblical sheep in Israel for first time in millennia.
119 Jacob’s sheep, a heritage breed mentioned in Genesis, began arriving last week

Please click on the link above to read the Times of Israel article from 2016 documenting the amazing journey these sheep and their owner have been on to return them via mass airlift from Canada to the Holy Land!

Click on photo here to view the eight minute video capturing the Jacob Sheep journey from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to their temporary home in Israel.

Last week a meeting was held in the municipal offices in Efrat with an NGO foundation prior to a meeting with the Efrat City Planners requesting the government provide eighty acres of prime pasture land in the Judean Hills, restoring the Jacob’s Sheep to their ancestral grazing site; the breed having vanished some 4,000 years ago.

Hatikvah, the Israeli National Anthem is played on the Ram’s Horn of Benjamin, one of the Jacob Sheep who died following his arrival in Israel.

Below is the text message to me from Jenna following that second meeting after I had left. She said that she had been warned the planning department was a difficult bureaucracy and often the planners are hard to deal with. After hearing Hatikvah on this holy ram’s horn from down the hall, the City Planner was happy and agreeable and the results of the meeting were excellent. Afterwards, the Foundation’s Executive Director and Jenna compared notes only to both come to the conclusion that something happened to cause the shift in the city planner’s receptiveness that had to be the Shofar sounding Hatikvah.
[1:44 PM, 2/2/2018] Jenna: Thank you Robert for coming today! You have an awesome gift from Hashem for the Shofar. Many people claim to be the best Shofar blowers but I think your gift surpasses them all!!! We are honored to make you our exclusive Shofar maker!

I have been divinely connected to this Jacob’s Sheep project to help produce and market these horns to raise funds to feed and house the flock. Aside from donations from individuals such as yourselves, there is no stream of revenue to pay for the feeding and housing of the flock other than through the sale of these Shofars. Hopefully in the very near future, the flock will have a permanent home in the Judean Hills where they originally lived some 4,000 years ago before they went into exile with the Jews. Once restored to their permanent residence, we envision the flock becoming a major tourist attraction. There are plans to use some of the finest horns as auction items for fundraising by a future NGO that will allow for a tax deduction for this charitable cause. The entry fees, donations and related ancillary revenue from potential gift shop souvenir sales are projected to help sustain the flock as it grows. The site being considered right now and subject to governmental approval in the coming weeks is near Efrat on roughly 80 acres of pastureland, the exact place of their ancestral homeland!

The cost of the Jacob’s Sheep Shofars is priceless. The last Shofar that was handcrafted took six weeks to perfect. I have just begun the manufacturing process and we are obtaining rabbinical supervision to insure they are being processed under Jewish Law, “Halacha.” I expect to have finished products available for sale within three weeks. Once they are made into Shofars, we will assign a minimum “value” to each based upon the size, shape, texture and quality of sound it produces. I do not want to speculate at this time what this minimum value will be. It will be market-driven and a price point has already been established from a previous purchase with great interest and demand worldwide.

The purchase of one of these biblically significant Shofars from the Holy Land will be a big blessing to Israel. In Genesis 12:3 states that “if you bless Israel, you will be blessed.” My experience is that the greater you bless Israel, the greater the G~d of Israel will bless you. So however great you are able to sow in to this project to help restore and sustain the Jacob Sheep during this time of transition is how much the Shofars cost. If you want the full blessing, HaShem will put on your heart what amount you should offer for the Shofar. If you want to choose one before the manufacturing begins to be part of the process and follow along at each stage of development, you will be able to place an order. You can even choose whether you want it custom sanded and fully polished, half polished and half natural, all natural, or all natural and polished without sanding. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the finished product or the sound it makes, we will apply your deposit toward another horn of your choice or it will be fully refundable.

This is a fascinating example of what HaShem is doing in the prophetic restoration of all things and I covet your support of the Jacob’s Sheep, the Friends of Jacob Sheep and Shofar So Great.

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Robert Weinger