ICYMI! Pesach Message 5780

!5780חג פסח שמח
Observing Pesach from the biblical Gilgal!

Tonight at sundown marks the beginning of the holy observance of Pesach or Passover: It is the retelling of our people’s exodus from Egypt out of bondage and slavery into freedom! The Feast of Unleavened Bread begins tonight with the Seder, a festive yet solemn occasion centered around the four questions. The first, “Why is this night different from all other nights?” This year there seems to be the fifth question; “Why is this Seder different from all other Seders?”

This year’s Seder in Israel is being observed with the entire Nation in lockdown. No communal festivities. So could history be repeating itself? Is it a mere coincidence that a global pandemic has occurred during the same season as when Pharaoh and the land of Egypt were smitten with the ten plagues? Remember, this is the night where the blood was placed on the doorposts of the Israelites, a sign for the Angel of Death to pass over.

In the last thirty-six hours, I have received hundreds of requests to join in and encourage the Shofar So Great community to come together to collectively release a global Shout and/or release of a Shofar blast. There are many scheduled around the world in the hour leading up to sunset when Pesach observance begins. For many, it will be a cry of repentance, or a wake-up call, a call to assemble for this holy convocation, or a proclamation for liberty throughout the nations and a sound of deliverance that sets the captives free.

These voices of G~d’s people, those that worship the G~d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Jew and Gentile, are being called to release these Shofar blasts going all around the world before sundown on Erev Pesach. May it be G~d’s will to create a vibration and sound representing HIS voice in the land to shift the atmosphere and cause a new alignment THAT UNITES US ALL in ECHAD as One on this Seder night. And, if you are receiving this message after Erev Pesach, you can sound the Shofar daily at sundown for the remaining six days.

Please join me as I sound the Shofar from the lowest place on earth where the Jordan River meets the Dead Sea East of Jericho (where the first Pesach was celebrated), a great Tekiah blast for our freedom and a cry of repentance. Let the nations turn to the one true G~d who is revealing HIMSELF in this hour. Could this be a Shofar blast in order to bring down the walls of Jericho that have separated and divided us? Will this be the sound that will pierce the darkness that has tried to destroy us? Let us participate with pure hearts and clean hands in breaking the back of this evil plague. “And Joshua said, “Shout for the L~rd!” Joshua 6:16

Standing under the shadow and inspiration of Moses and Mt. Nevo, where Moses died, from the biblical Gilgal at Beit Hogla, the Jewish Jericho, allow me to usher in this holy appointed time with a reprisal of my Jr. High School trumpet solo, “Go Down Moses.”  “Shelach Et Ami,” Let My People Go!  Chag Pesach Sameach! 

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Robert Weinger