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About Us

Robert Weinger is a Jewish master Shofar sounder.  He has been traveling globally the last five years including Israel (fourteen times) prophetically releasing the "Voice of the L~rd."  He teaches on the biblical significance of the Shofar and how it can be applied in modern times to achieve similar results of ancient days.

Robert's purpose and passion is to raise up Watchmen on the Wall, to equip and train them to duplicate the sounds of heaven.  Robert has been dubbed "Champion of Shofar" and "greatest Shofar sounder in the world" by Rabbi Yonah Metzger, Ashkenazi  Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel. 


Robert Weinger is founder and Rosh Tekiah (Chief Sounder) of  Shofar So Great .  His vision is one of  A-Tone-Meant  the redemptive sounds for peace and unity in Jerusalem to the ends of the earth.  Robert lives in Northern California and is making his unique contribution to our nation and to Israel's restoration through prayer, worship and a special ability to pass on to others the ability to sound the Shofar at the highest level.  His message as a Watchman highlights the biblical significance of the Shofar and its relevance.   Shofar So Great features hand selected shofarot available for purchase, direct from the factory operated since 1948 by two of Israel's founding Jewish families whose tradition dates back generations.  Robert leads an instructional workshop to train individuals or groups to sound the traditional Hebraic commands of the Jewish High Holy Days as well as imparting his gift to sound familiar music on two Shofarot simultaneously.  He hosts an annual tour to Israel and has continued to deliver his message through speaking engagements internationally since 2008.  Robert is currently accepting bookings for 2013.

Genesis 12:3:

"I will bless those who bless you 
And curse him that curses you;
And all the families of the earth
Shall bless themselves by you."

If you wish to bless the people, organizations and causes that I am aligned with during my assignments to Eretz Yisrael, or to help defray the costs of my travel expense, you may do so here.